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We are looking for laser printer in good working order.
Colour or Black

contact: 622 03 35 82 Kas



Hi all

I am interested to know how many ex-pats are in this area, we want to find a place to live that has a few Brits but not on every street corner if you know what I mean. What is it like in Almoradi?


Not too many ex pats but a few of us. Mostly spanish and the town has spanish feel. Only 1 or 2 British bars that i can think of if that is a measure to go by!

Commented grainnelennon2 in Quesada 2011-04-12 16:08:29 UTC


There are a few expats in Almoradi,but not too many. It is predominantly Spanish, a beautiful square with lots of bars, cafes and restaurants.Ideal place to watch the world go by.


Local Childrens Author

GL Troubridge is a a local childrens author of Kidan and the Pendant of Isowana. She has also had some of her short stories published in the local TV guide.
If you would be interested in a book signing to help promote any event you are having please contact GL.
For more information about Kidan and the Pendant of Isowana go to her official website:
gltroubridge.weebly.com On the site you can see the fantastic concept video.

Kidan and the Pendant of Isowana is now on the select list of reading by the Vegetarian Society of the UK. It is also available online with Amazon, Tesco, WHSmith and many more great bookstores in over 16 countries.
It is a book for all age groups and a great present. Books can be personally signed by contacting GL through her website or by email: gltroubridge@hotmail.co.uk


Sasen Ryu Karate Academy

Sasen Ryu Karate Academy.
Karate of generations for all generations.
Our action packed and fun filled classes are for all ages and fitness levels. Contact us for more details, come along for a free lesson and check out our website.
Come and learn how to keep yourself safe and get fit with our qualified instructors.
Our Torrevieja classes are held at Sport In (near McDonalds) on a Friday night (Combat Night) and on Sundays 2 classes are held. The first is a family class for under 5 year olds to come and learn the basics and have fun with mum or dad. The second class is for all ages over 5 years.
Contact us for more info via our website: www.sasenryu.weebly.com or email us on: sasenryu@hotmail.co.uk



It looks like I am the first one on here, so I hope that others will join me soon. I am hoping to move out the the area at the end of the year so am looking for new friends.


Hi Bobby
I have been waiting for someone to write something as I did not want to be the first. I am also on my way to the area soon so I am sure we will be able to communicate

Commented Papillon in La Marina 2011-04-08 10:22:32 UTC
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