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hi all .. we have recieved letter from our bank in spain (bankinter) asking for 30 euros charge for banking with them ??? is this going to be the norm with all banks or just this one ??? if so how hard is it to change banks ie all direct debits etc,,

thanks terry


Hi Terry.

I also use Bankinter and have recieved a letter, where I have to pay the bank 30 euros for the work with making a "Certificate of Non-Residence" which is required by law. If I don't have this certificate my account will be closed. Twice this year my access to Bankinter on the internet was closed without warning. The bank opened the access when I complained about it. Now I will pay to have this certificate next time I visit the bank. We only have to make this payment one time.

This is not only happening in Spain. In Denmark you have to verify your identity if you have a bankaccount and live in another country (new rule this year). Only you don't have to pay for the registration.

If you eventually are a resident in Spain you can proof this to the bank. Talk with the bank.

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cheers frank


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