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Fixed Price Computer Support

We are a computer shop providing sales and repairs, located on Urb La Herrada, Los Montesinos.

We carry out nearly all software repairs on a fixed price basis no matter how long we have to work on your computer you can be confident that the final bill will be just 38 euros.

e.g. Files backed up (and scanned for infections), windows re-installed, files restored, anti virus, open office, adobe reader, Skype, media player software installed all done for just 38 euros.

Stubborn virus infection, several hours taken to clean system, just 38 euros.

What's more ALL computers that come in to our workshop for repair leave having had the internals cleaned out, including cables tidied if required, and heat sinks unclogged. (this additional service is included in our fixed 38 euro charge) our web has a youtube video of a typical fan assemble we cleaned out

We are a family run business and have been working in the computer services business for many many years all of which on a self employed basis meaning we know the importance of satisfied clients. We are proud of our excellent reputation and work hard to keep it, being shop based provides our clients with confidence that we can always be contacted. PLEASE mention this forum when contacting us.... thank you.

We Specialise in Laptop Repairs

We repair laptop down to board level, all repairs are performed is a anti static environment. An example os a common repair is DC Power jack replacement. Over the years we have replaced hundreds of DC power jack on laptop computers. Practice and established knowledge has enable us to provide a speedy fixed price repair service for most makes of laptops.

The DC Power Jack on the laptop is also known as an power port, DC power input, DC power connector, dc power socket, basically it is an inside piece in the laptop where the DC power plug (tip part of your AC adapter cable) plugs into.

They tend to fail on laptop that are moved about a lot. When used on the lap, quite often pressure is applied to the plug which in turn put pressure on the socket solder joints.

Common symptoms are laptop not charging, or screen going dim until you wiggle the power connector that plugs into your laptop.

All work guaranteed

Our Qualifications

How do you choose a repaired,,,

We find word of mouth the best form of advertising, so before coming to see us simply ask on one of the many forums about our services. You will soon see that we are a professional business providing a professional service.
We also have many industrial recognised qualification to prove our competence.

You will often see the “Microsoft Certified Professional” qualification offered up as proof of a persons or company skill, to get this qualification you need to take just one exam and to be honest it’s not a complicated exam at that. We on the other hand have the following certifications totalling approximately 20 Exams above and beyond the simple MCP qualification.

• Microsoft Certified Professional "MCP"
• Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet "MCP+I"
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer "MCSE"
• Microsoft Certified System Engineer + Internet "MCSE+i"
• Microsoft Certified Trainer "MCT"
• IBM Personal Computer Warranty Engineer
• AST Warranty Engineer
• Novel Certified Administrator
• Novell Master Certified System Engineer "MCNE"

These qualification coupled with the fact that we have been in the computer maintenance business for over 25 years, guarantees a high level of service to our clients

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