Schools in Almoradi

Has anyone had any experience of the schools in Almoradi? Is the curriculum the same as the UK and is there any costs such as uniforms, books, pens etc. Also does anybody know if the schools out of Almoradi are better.


The schools in Almoradi in our experience and in our opinion along with some of our friends views are that they are very good. We have had our boy go to one of the largest secondary school in Almoradi, where he has done extremely well! The curriculum is totally different from the uk and if you don´t speak Spanish they will initially concentrate on you becoming fluent in the language before you get any teaching on the subjects. There is a cost for registration,books and stationary, however some schools do not have uniforms, which helps to keep the costs down. Depending on your circumstances there is some assistance with some of the costs. I am not sure what the schools are like out of Almoradi, but you can find that out via the individual town halls of each town. Hope this helps in some way!

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Just looking at your post regarding schools in Almoradi, I am a bit confused.....what did you mean by being fluent in the language before you get any help with subjects??? I presumed I could put my daughter's in school straight away (we dont speak spainish as yet)????

Also what are the costs roughly for registration etc. etc.

many thanks

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Hi Karen,
All I mean is that they teach your child to learn the spanish language asap so that they are able to understand all the subjects. The registration is not expensive, last year it was 25 euros. Hope this allays any fears for you.

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thanks for that bit of a panic there.

Will be moving over in November, have loads to think about.......its driving me a bit mad at the mo.

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Hi! I can't say much that might help but I'm 15 years old and I went to a Spanish school in Almoradi for almost the school year when I lived there. I was put in Primary 3 there but in Scotland I should have been in P4. I was 9. I didn't know much Spanish when I started the school and the school didn't have any help and no one helped me in class. I didn't have a great experience at the start because the only thing I could do was Math. There was only one teacher who could speak English' but even then, he wasn't good especially for an English teacher. But once I learned Spanish the school was great. I got buckets of books (free) and homework and the learning according to my parents and I, was great. I recommend the schools as long as you know the language and are very social. My sister went to the school for older kids and she said that she had the same experience as me apart from she got help with her work when she didn't know the language. :) sorry if that wasn't any help

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