Cuban specialities at Café La Cubanita – Almoradí.

Enjoy my wifes cooking with the rich Caribbean taste.

- Pork chops a la cubana
- Pork chops with garlic
- Pork chops a la Bayamesa (Bayamo - city in the south east of Cuba)
- Chicken sweet’n sour
- Chicken a la Holquinera (Holquin - city in the south east of Cuba)
- Chicken a la cerveza
Served with arroz Moro (rice cuban style) and salad.
The first drink is free when you order your dinner. You can choose a glass of wine, a draught beer or a soft drink.
Dessert included.

Cuban dinner - Solo: 7.50 €

We also serve Mojito (the famous cuban drink) Solo: 2.50 €

You are always welcome at Café La Cubanita, Calle Donadores 4, Almoradí (The street across the Tourist Information at the side of Church Andrés).

Click here for more information of our breakfast in the daytime and how to find us -


I want to add this information of the cuban cuisine.

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish , African , and Caribbean cuisine . Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. This results in a unique, interesting and flavorful blend of the several different cultural influences, with strong similarities with the cuisine of the neighboring Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

During colonial times, Cuba was an important port for trade, and many Spaniards who lived there brought their culinary traditions along with them.

As a result of the colonization of Cuba by Spain, one of the main influences on the cuisine is from Spain. A typical meal would consist of rice and beans, cooked together or apart. When cooked together the recipe is called either "Congri" (red beans and rice) or "Moros" or "Moros y Cristianos" (black beans and rice). If cooked separately it is called "Arroz con/y Frijoles" (rice with/and beans).

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This weekend is the final days of the festival in Almoradí. Café La Cubanita is open in the evening Saturday and also Sunday (extra).

As you know - You are allways welcome in the café.

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