Emaus childrens home charity funday

Emaus childrens home charity funday

Hello my name is Debbie Law and i am here to ask for help in supporting us to raise much needed funds for the Emmaus Childrens Home in Elche Currently there are 28 children in the home and They are really Struggling to even Have a basic day to day standard of human living ie bathing eating baisc hygine Needs met as all Gouvernment Funding Has Been Withdrawn and now the children and staff are basicly left to fend for Themselves we are holding a funday to raise funds to help cover the basic Costs of food toieltries and utility bills i would like to see if you all Could you spare anything by way of raffle prizes any thing a bottle of something a meal vocher anything at all from bar owners or other buisnesses or even a small cash donation we welcome help from everyone who can give some compassions to these children we also are in urgent need of bags of rice or pasta or Any Other dried or tinned food goods we will arrange for someone to meet to collect the items The funday is to be help on the 15th of Septmber at the La Campana bar at the Eden urb Guadamar this will be an amazing day and we hope you all will give us a helping hand so these children do not have to suffer any more than they already are many thanks for your time reading my email adress should you wish more info is dminnimouse@yahoo.com the avatar pic is of the poster for our funday please spread the word we really need all the help we can get many thanks debbie xxx


I have looked in google maps etc. for direction to La Campana in Urb Eden Guardamar and can't find it.
How will anyone who does not live in the area know how to get there. Please put a street name in directions to places. There seem to be a common assumption in Spain that the local bar is famous.

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Hi there i am not sure of the full address but i can send you the post code and a google map link if this will help and if you go therough rojales towards the n332 past the bottom of the golf course just carry on down the long road and it is the las urb you will come too on the left hand side going towards the n332 through rojales the bar is up a slope on the left hand side and is signed posted at the corner of the street i an going to try and put blue and yello flyers out showing the way if i am able without getting into trouble here is the postcode and google map link xxxx and please do come we need your support
urb eden, 03133 Guardamar del Segura
or google earth
"emaus funday 15th sept 2012 at 12pm" lat=38.0884137075, lon=-0.668969182798

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Art class at La Herradura

I will be starting a new class at La Herradura restaurant at Los Montesinos on Thursday mornings from 10.30-12.45pm from 6th September. Beginners are very welcome as I work with everyone individually and classes are 8 euros. No need to bring any equipment for the first few weeks as all materials are supplied for drawing and watercolour. La Herradura is IMMEDIATELY next to the REPSOL garage on the road into Los Montesinos, almost opposite the Torre Hotel, and has vertical signs saying 'Restaurante' outside. There are no steps to negotiate, parking, and aircon! Call Suzanne on 680 961 025 - or see www.sue-stokes.co.uk for more information



Contact. Ralf for more details. Tel 601 600 771 E-mail info@costablancawebservices.com



Hi, could anyone help me or know of anyone that is looking for a puppy, she is 9 months old, had her injections, very friendly, good with children, she is small/medium. Due to unforseen circumstances I have to go back to England but cannot take her with me, if any one could help please let me know, I live in Almoradi.


Petrol Saver socket

Plug this petrol saver into you lighter socket in the car and save money and refine your engines performance. My friend, who I am selling them with, has said: “Personally I am impressed, and I have had good feedback on this from others who have bought it.”
The fuel socket is selling at 15 euros each. If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail at:
Recommendations available upon request!


Night Out Promotions Presents Joe Longthorne !!!

Joe Longthorne returns to Spain for a one night only concert on Monday 1st October 2012 at the award winning Benidorm Palace.
Full supporting show is now officially in place with artists including....
Lucinda, one of the Costa Blanca's leading female vocalists
Diva - D - Lux, International singing sensation making her debut at Benidorm Palace
All hosted by our resident compere, the fantastic Mr Nick Gold.
Tickets are priced as follows......
Standard seat for show only ~~~ 29.00
Premier seating including Grand Palace menu ~~~ 55.00
V.I.P. seating to include Grand Palace menu ~~~ 65.00
To reserve your seat contact the box office at Benidorm Palace direct on 965 851 660...
Customers who live in the Torrevieja / Guardamar area have the facility of an all inclusive package including coach transport to and from Benidorm Palace on the evening with ticket options for show only and premier seating. For more information contact David's Coachtrips on 966 785 910.
For details on any of the above information call our office on 966 732 215 or visit us at www.nightoutpromotions.com
See us on Facebook @ Night Out Promotions and click on like, for all up to the minute information.
Don't miss the only chance during 2012 to see the legendary Joe Longthorne MBE live in concert with his spectacular show " A Man And His Music "

Live Flamenco Show at Bar Irlanda

This Friday 10th August at Bar Irlanda, Almoradi, Live Flamenco Show from 10.30pm sharp.


The “What Makes You Happy?” book project…

You can now get involved with a project that has the potential to reach countless people. So many of us focus on the negative things in life and what we cannot do, not what we can do. “What Makes You Happy?” Is the start of something big that I want to continue and grow, so that it enriches people’s lives and touches the masses, and not just a few people. This is all about you and what makes you feel happy, which in turn, when others read will bring enlightenment to them and make them think about what makes them happy too. Like attracts like! Therefore positivity attracts positivity.

To contribute you can post what makes you happy (anything from one word to a whole paragraph! Or even more than one, as people have been sending!) on here. You can also email me at:
clare21@live.com or clare_bean3@yahoo.co.uk

Or you can message me via facebook at the following profiles:
Clare Lawrence https://www.facebook.com/clare.lawrence.184
or Clare Lawrence II http://www.facebook.com/clare.lawrenceii

Or contact me via Twitter at:

You do not have to have your name published, you can have just your first name or even remain anonymous if you so wish (or make up a pseudonym). Many thanks in advance to anyone who shows interest in the project and also that contributes! I am very much looking forward to getting some more quotes. The response so far has been really great! :) :) :)



spanish banks

hi all .. we have recieved letter from our bank in spain (bankinter) asking for 30 euros charge for banking with them ??? is this going to be the norm with all banks or just this one ??? if so how hard is it to change banks ie all direct debits etc,,

thanks terry


Hi Terry.

I also use Bankinter and have recieved a letter, where I have to pay the bank 30 euros for the work with making a "Certificate of Non-Residence" which is required by law. If I don't have this certificate my account will be closed. Twice this year my access to Bankinter on the internet was closed without warning. The bank opened the access when I complained about it. Now I will pay to have this certificate next time I visit the bank. We only have to make this payment one time.

This is not only happening in Spain. In Denmark you have to verify your identity if you have a bankaccount and live in another country (new rule this year). Only you don't have to pay for the registration.

If you eventually are a resident in Spain you can proof this to the bank. Talk with the bank.

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cheers frank


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Cuban specialities at Café La Cubanita – Almoradí.

Enjoy my wifes cooking with the rich Caribbean taste.

- Pork chops a la cubana
- Pork chops with garlic
- Pork chops a la Bayamesa (Bayamo - city in the south east of Cuba)
- Chicken sweet’n sour
- Chicken a la Holquinera (Holquin - city in the south east of Cuba)
- Chicken a la cerveza
Served with arroz Moro (rice cuban style) and salad.
The first drink is free when you order your dinner. You can choose a glass of wine, a draught beer or a soft drink.
Dessert included.

Cuban dinner - Solo: 7.50 €

We also serve Mojito (the famous cuban drink) Solo: 2.50 €

You are always welcome at Café La Cubanita, Calle Donadores 4, Almoradí (The street across the Tourist Information at the side of Church Andrés).

Click here for more information of our breakfast in the daytime and how to find us -


I want to add this information of the cuban cuisine.

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish , African , and Caribbean cuisine . Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. This results in a unique, interesting and flavorful blend of the several different cultural influences, with strong similarities with the cuisine of the neighboring Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

During colonial times, Cuba was an important port for trade, and many Spaniards who lived there brought their culinary traditions along with them.

As a result of the colonization of Cuba by Spain, one of the main influences on the cuisine is from Spain. A typical meal would consist of rice and beans, cooked together or apart. When cooked together the recipe is called either "Congri" (red beans and rice) or "Moros" or "Moros y Cristianos" (black beans and rice). If cooked separately it is called "Arroz con/y Frijoles" (rice with/and beans).

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This weekend is the final days of the festival in Almoradí. Café La Cubanita is open in the evening Saturday and also Sunday (extra).

As you know - You are allways welcome in the café.

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