Table Top Sale in Aid of SAT's

Table top sale in aid of SAT's takes place tomorrow Thursday 20th December from 2pm in Chasers Playpark Bar, Dolores. Lots of Christmas gift ideas. I have new dresses, shoes, bags and hand-made ear-rings with Swaroski crystals from €5 to €15. Enquiries : 649335727.


Fun Quiz & Karaoke @ Bar Irlanda

This Saturday 22nd December from 10pm, Fun Quiz and Karaoke Entertainment with 'Paddyoke'. Lots of fun and prizes to be had. Free Entry. Bar Irlanda, Calle Canalejas, (Opposite Expert), Almoradi, Enquiries : 649335727.


Solid roadside checks

There is every reason not to drink too much in December, if you have to sit behind the wheel. First, it is stupid and dangerous, and secondly, there is additional risk of being caught in the near future.

In December will there be tests every day by the Guardia Civil traffic department in cooperation with the local police. This means that up to 45,000 motorists will be asked to blow into an alcoholmeter or be tested for taking another drug.

Controls are carried out around the clock. There is no reason to believe that there not will be tested during the night. Expect to be stopped everywhere on the roads and in towns with more than 25,000 inhabitants.

Figures from last year showed that 45 percent of all fatal accidents was due to alcohol-or drug-affected driving.

A maximum of 0.25 per cent in the alcoholmeter (BAC test).
The legal limit is 0.25 by expiration. For business travel and new drivers is the limit 0.15. If you are caught with a BAC greater than 0.6, then you risk three to six months imprisonment, fines and disqualification of one to four years.

If you are stopped and the alcoholmeter shows a value of 0.25, prescribes the law that officers must wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then carry out another inspection. If the second sample shows a smaller value, it is the one that applies.

The blood alcohol limit is 0.5. Remember that you may require to measure your blood alcohol limit in a blood test if you are stopped. However, you must pay the cost if it proves that it is over the limit.


electric radiators FOR SALE

Hi I am selling 2 electric oil filled radiators, both 2kw - 20e each or 35e for the 2. If you require pics please email. Catral.


Karaoke this Saturday at Bar Irlanda, Almoradi

This Saturday 8th December join us again at Bar Irlanda, Almoradi for Karaoke with 'Paddyoke'. Starting at 10.30pm. Enquiries : 649335727.


Karaoke this Saturday at Bar Irlanda, Almoradi

Back by Popular Demand this Saturday Karaoke with Paddyoke. Prizes for the best and worst singers. Starts 10.30pm. Located at Calle Canalejas, (Opp Expert). Enquiries : 649335727.


Café La Cubanita – Almoradí.

As usual on the market day:

The café is open from 8:30.
SPECIAL MARKET OFFER: All have Tea, coffee or orange juice included.
Breakfast. Bacon, egg, sausage, beans, tomato, hash-browns, toast. Only 3.95 €
Bacon or sausage sandwich. Only 2.50 €
Breakfast roll. Fried egg, bacon, sausage. Only 3.95 € (maxi) or 2.95 € (mini)

Friday is fish ‘n chips day for only 4,95 euro ( freshly battered cod served with chips,bread and peas).

You are always welcome at Café La Cubanita, Calle Donadores 4, Almoradí (The street across the Tourist Information at the side of Church Andrés).


Support the local business.

With the inspiration from my Spanish accountant:

The economic crisis is very hard to many who have a small business. The bigger companies have more possibilities to survive the crisis than the small ones.

Shop Christmas gifts and what else you need at small local businesses and freelancers
(The neighbor who sells by catalog or by Internet, the artisan who makes jewelry, the friend who has a
store in the neighborhood, the baker who makes nougat craftsmen, the
guy who sells in the market ...)

Let the money reach those close and not the large
multinationals. Thus, more people will have a better living.

And when it comes to pay ... Never pay with debit / credit cards.
Then you can avoid the profit of banks and financial corporations.
(Depending on which card the fees may apply up to 6%)

Supporting your neighbors and locals is possible with is just a little effort and it will not cost you extra to lend a hand to these people.

"If you want to change the world, change yourself." Mahatma Gandhi


Low cost Spanish property now top request

Article Date : 28 November 2012
News Section: Spain

The number of people looking for low cost Spanish property is increasing, with the financial crisis making real estate in the country more affordable than ever.

According to the Spanish Brick, in the last two months 52 per cent of property enquiries for Spain have been from people with a budget below £75,000.

Some 21 per cent of inquiries had a maximum spend allocation of £150,000, while just nine per cent had a budget of between £150,000 and £250,000.

This is the fourth year of falling property prices in the country and in some areas the market has already hit rock bottom.

While not ideal for those looking to sell their home, for buyers the condition is ideal, enabling people to invest in homes previously out of their price range.

Nevertheless, the rules of property buying still apply and investors must ensure they have finance in place and invest in a location that is attractive for the rental market.



Karaoke this Saturday at Bar Irlanda, Almoradi

Join us this Saturday 1st December from 10.30pm for Karaoke with 'Paddyoke'. Prizes for the best singers.

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