Hello to you all,
Can anyone inform us if there is a timetable for the Buses, where I can get one and if there is a bus route that operates a service within Almoradi. Would appreciate your help! Thank you


If you go to the bus station in Almoradi, you will see all times posted up for buses to Guadamar, Torrevieqa, Elche etc. I am sure they also have printed copies in the office there. There used to be a bus service that went thru Almoradi but as far as I know this service was stopped. Other members may have more info.

Commented hattention in Almoradi 2011-06-20 17:17:55 UTC

Thank you very kindly for the information. It is just that my family are coming over in August and they will not be hiring a car and wanted to know what the public transport was like and where they could go. Much appreciated.

Commented babyfour in Torrevieja 2011-06-20 21:29:07 UTC